Videography in Victoria, BC Canada.

Video commercials can be a significant endeavour for most companies. We offer beautiful commercials for small-scale to large-scale budgets that can include scripts, producers, directors, editors, and audio people to make your video project tailored to your needs. The highest quality videos to help launch your next campaign. Contact us for a quote today!
Santa Catalina Resorts


We were flown into Santa Catalina, Panama, to film a surf/yoga retreat to help the business widely market their beautiful oceanfront resort. We used drones, sliders, and high-quality sony cameras to shoot a 4k commercial. Our very own B. Joel created the original music soundtrack with a poetic voice-over track we wrote and recorded.

Sea Forest


We produced, directed, and edited a commercial for Sea Forest to reflect the beautiful West Coast waters where the kelp is harvested. We shot using our portable system, a Blackmagic 4k cinema camera with Rokinon Cine lenses, a Mavic Pro drone, some lights, a slider, and a gimbal. We wanted to create a story for the video using set-pieces and nature shots that reflected the beauty of the area we were shooting in.

Green Party

Campaign Videos

We wrote the script, produced, and directed three significant advertisements, including Elizabeth May’s official campaign video. The Green Party played an integral part of Canadian politics in the last Federal Election and took several essential seats in Canada. Our goal for this video was to show both the length of time May has been fighting for environmental change and to create a connection to the person behind the politician.

Paradise Motel

Music Video

We wrote, produced, directed, edited and colour corrected this music video from a previously unknown band out of Edmonton Alberta. Shot with an Arri Alexa camera using Xeem lenses and some 70s lenses and filters, we wanted the video to explore the breakup of the band back in the early 1990s and show their story of reconnection, bringing the remaining members of the group back in 2019. DP was Chase Gardiner out of Edmonton Production Rentals

NET Biodiversity


We produced, wrote, directed, edited, and created the soundtrack for this animation video for the National Environmental Treasure. One of our owners worked in the video game industry, helping produce animated set pieces, so our experience in this field led to a quick turnaround for the video, producing a high-quality, beautiful piece around simple steps to retake the natural world around us.

Mark Dyczkowski

Documentary Filmmaking

Our history lies in documentary filmmaking. We were honoured to have been flown to Varanasi, India, to film a short, 2-day shoot with one of the world’s masters in Eastern Philosophy, Mark Dyczkowski. We filmed first what ended up being the backtrack of the video, Dyczkowski and Kishor Kumar Mishra playing the tablas and sitars at a home concert, and an interview we edited into a reflective piece about Mark Dyczkowski, and his life.

MA Moves Me


We wanted to create a dynamic commercial for MA Online that connected the practitioners to themselves firstly, the studio secondly, and the lead instructor teacher Katyanna thirdly. We edited several clips of the yoga practices into the commercial to highlight the offerings of the online portal and to appeal to people beyond looking for fitness based videos.

Paradise Motel

Music Video

We wrote, produced, directed, edited, and colour corrected the second music video Paradise Motel. Shot with our friends at Edmonton Production Rentals out of Edmonton Alberta, and with help from our resident Cinematographer Joseph Klymkiw, we wanted to create a fun summer feel that explored early 90's country music themes with a modern twist.