Film Rentals, Directors, and Producers in Victoria, BC.

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We at Lot2 Media believe in the power of creativity. We love stories, and help bring them to life with our team of talented film workers in Victoria British Columbia. Reach out today for film rentals, producing, or any question about the process.

We are directors, producers, musicians, recording artists, filmmakers, award-winning sound designers, singers, visual artists, documentarists, and avid Yogis from Victoria, BC, nous vous aimons.

B. Joel Cran
B. Joel spent the early years of his career as a composer and director for video games. In 2012, he discovered two things that changed his career path and life forever. The first one was practicing yoga, and the second was he realized being behind the camera was his calling in life. From there, Lot2 Media was first conceived. From documentaries to feature films, from business development to business marketing, B. Joel has expertise in crafting stories.
Chantelle Mussell
Creative Director
Chantelle Mussell is our producer and marketing expert. From executive producing large music videos with 50 person crews to crafting graphics and design for multiple projects (sometimes at the same time!), she is a powerhouse of a human and our fantastic Creative Director. Every bit of our work is meticulously checked over by Chantelle, and her excellent sense of style and creativity is branded on each project. She runs things around here, and the organization shows.
Joseph Klymkiw
When we asked Joe for a picture, he gave us this one. I can't imagine what he'd give us for a writeup so I'm going to do it for him. Joseph makes videos. A lot of them. He's made more videos than we can count, and specializes in editing, directing, DP work, and overall creative genius. He wanted me to add that he's been shooting for Nardwar for the last 12 years. I'm not going to give him the satisfaction.
Anthony Joseph
Animator, graphic designer
Anthony grew up drawing his way in and out of dreamland before studying at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. After a 12-year stint as an artist and animator in the gaming industry, Anthony branched out to freelance design work, creating graphic designs and motion designs for film, advertising and non-profit organizations. When not working on canvas, Anthony will occasionally get paid to play dress up.

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